SharePoint REST API : List Items CRUD and Namespaces

The SharePoint REST API was Since 2013 introduced and offers Endpoints for almost all needed Operations on all levels(Sitecollection, Sites, Lists, Fields, Permissions, Document, Items...etc.) In this article I am going to describe how to manage List Items(CReateUpdateDelete) using the REST API, AJAX...etc. Endpoints REST Webservices are based on 2 things : URL URLs are... Continue Reading →

Azure Active Directory : Bulk Create + License assignment / attribution via Powershell

One of my colleagues told me, how she struggles with creating 10 CRM Accounts everytime she has a new Demo(she does more than 3 a week). Plus manually assigning the licenses. And as a hero i told her that Powershell is always the solution, so i wrote this script that bulk creates and assigns licenses.... Continue Reading →

SharePoint custom fonts and styles

SharePoint is also considered as a Web CMS. Whether it is a Content Editor Webpart, a Rich HTML Field or a Publishing page the Ribbon offers formatting and design capabilities, which looks like all Office Products.   To make the redaction of articles easy and standard(in case of a corporate design) we can add both... Continue Reading →

SharePoint foundation 2013 Offline Installation

I was trying today to install SharePoint foundation 2013. The Prerequisites Installer could not download the dependencies, i did not search why and i wanted to perform an offline installation. Solution : Download all the prerequisites. Extract the sharepoint installer :¬†sharepoint.exe /extract:"C:\SharePoint2013\prerequisiteinstallerfiles" Copy the downloaded prerequisites to "C:\SharePoint2013\" Run again the prerequisiteinstaller.   Microsoft .NET... Continue Reading →

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