User Profile property not appearing in search

Hello Everybody.

Today i am going to talk about a problem i got twice(on sharepoint 2010 and 2013).

It is about some user profile properties that are not crawled.

Solution :

Well you have to check 4 important things :

  • At least one user profile has informations on this field/property.
  • You selected “Everyone” on user policy : when you edit each user profile on central admin.
  • The property is Searchable : user profile service application -> Manager user properties
  • The crawled property is mapped to “ContentsHidden” managed propery(in addition of your managed property)

Example :

If you want to crawl the Manager property you have to :

  • Edit some user profiles to fill their Manager, and make sure you chose “Everyone”


  • Make sure that the user profile property “manager” is searchable



  • Map the crawled property People:Manager to the managed property¬† “ContentsHidden” (if the crawled property is not yet created perform a full crawl)


I hope that my article will help you.




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