SharePoint Search crawler : Object was not found sps3

Today i ran into a problem while trying to crawl/index from the User Profile : The start address sps3://.... cannot be crawled The object was not found sps3 is the protocol to crawl User Profile informations on SharePoint. Possible reasons : You are having a multi farm architecture and configured AAM : solution is to... Continue Reading →

SharePoint : Connection with Office Web Apps via SSL/HTTPS : new-spwopibinding the server did not respond

Office Web Apps, which is now Office Online Server, allows to display/edit Office documents(Word, Powerpoint, Excel...etc) on a Web Browser, which is advantageous when working with SharePoint, thus Users don't have to switch from a Browser to Office App to see or to edit a document. Today i faced a Problem that made me crazy... Continue Reading →

SharePoint custom fonts and styles

SharePoint is also considered as a Web CMS. Whether it is a Content Editor Webpart, a Rich HTML Field or a Publishing page the Ribbon offers formatting and design capabilities, which looks like all Office Products.   To make the redaction of articles easy and standard(in case of a corporate design) we can add both... Continue Reading →

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