SharePoint – AAM : Alternate Access Mapping with HTTPS/SSL

When you install a new SharePoint Farm the default URL will be the name of the server, which is usually not beautiful(http://sp-srv, http://sharepoint…etc).

Today we will se how to configure the AAM with HTTPS.

Certificate :

I will not explain how to get the certificate in this article, you can also use a self signed one.

Once you have the .ptx Certificate you double click on it(on the SharePoint Frontend Server) and follow the Wizard to install it on the computer.


We need to extend the Bindings of the SharePoint Website on IIS.

  1. Select the SharePoint Website
  2. Click on Bindings
  3. Add a new binding with 443 port and https
  4. Select the Certificate(the Certificate should appear on the list after being installed, if not you can import it via IIS).


SharePoint :

It is not enough to install the certificate on the server, this one should be also uploaded to SharePoint.

Open the Central Administration and then click on “Manage Trust” under “Security” and then click on new :

If you get an error that SharePoint doesn’t support certificates with password, don’t panic, you can export a copy of the certificate, that doesn’t require passwords.

  1. open “Manage Computer Certificates” on the Server(where you installed your certificate).
  2. Navigate to “SharePoint”
  3. right click on the Certificate(not the root!)
  4. Under “All Tasks” click on Export
  5. Click on “Next”
  6. Choose “do not export the private key”
  7. Choose the first format “DER encoded binary X.509”
  8. Choose a location and voila

Alternate Access Mapping :

Last but not least we should tell SharePoint that he has now to respond to requests from the adjusted URL.

Central Administration -> Application Management -> Configure alternate access mappings -> Edit Public URLs

  1. Select the correct Webapplication
  2. On the zone “Internet” add the full url with https
  3. Save

Your AAM settings should look like this now



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