SharePoint foundation 2013 Offline Installation

I was trying today to install SharePoint foundation 2013. The Prerequisites Installer could not download the dependencies, i did not search why and i wanted to perform an offline installation. Solution : Download all the prerequisites. Extract the sharepoint installer :¬†sharepoint.exe /extract:"C:\SharePoint2013\prerequisiteinstallerfiles" Copy the downloaded prerequisites to "C:\SharePoint2013\" Run again the prerequisiteinstaller.   Microsoft .NET... Continue Reading →

SharePoint does not overwrite documents with the same name, he creates a new one!

I always thought that SharePoint overwrites files with the same name(of course when you check this checkbox). Unfortunately it is not the case, SharePoint does not "overwrites" it, he deletes the documents and creates a new one while keeping the name. Who says a new item, says a new ID....The problem is if you have... Continue Reading →

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